2016 conference notes

Lydia Bartholow, PMHNP

Down in the Dumps Lydia Bartholow NOTES


Paul Bergner

Botanicals and Biofilms NOTES

Medical Marijuana and the Therapeutic Order NOTES


Bevin Clare

Delicious Medicines: Botanical Powders Applied Clinically for Chronic Disease

Delicious Medicines NOTES format

Only Three Herbs: Approaching Epidemics with Affordable Medicines

Only Three Herbs NOTES format



Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG)

Clinical Case Panel: Pediatric GERD

Hanna Jordan, LCSW

Clinical Case Panel: Anxiety


Amanda Lattin, MAT

Clinical Case Panel: Anxiety

Juniper Martin, ND

Clinical Case Panel: Anxiety


Glen Nagel, ND

Astringents: The Power of the Pucker NOTES updated

Herbal Medicine Dosing: What is Right for Your Patient? NOTES


Tania Neubauer, ND

Garden Medicines for Common GI complaints NOTES


 Tobias Policha, PhD

Botanical Identification for the Herbalist NOTES

Introduction to Herbal Actions Through the Senses NOTES


Kevin Spelman, PhD

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Medicinal and Food Plants

Echinacea Update SLIDES


Jillian Stansbury, ND

Botanical Influences on Neurotransmitters and the Neuroendocrine System I and II NOTES

Nicole Telkes, RH

Poison Path SLIDES

The Poison Path NOTES

Fire Cider: A Traditional Remedy NOTES


Anna Wieman, ND

Clinical Case Panel: Pediatric GERD


Eric Yarnell, ND

Interaction Between Gut Flora and Herbs NOTES

Eric Yarnell Antifibrotics NOTES


Ben Zappin, L.Ac.

Clinical Case Panel: Pediatric GERD

Botanical Analogues: Native Plants and East Asian Materia Medica SLIDES