2018 Conference Notes

Paul Bergner

Herban Legends and Clinical Pearls

Amazing Physiological Facts That Will Change Your Practice of Herbalism


Richo Cech

Delights of Diversity, Medicinal Trees on the Landscape: Zero Medicine Miles



Bevin Clare

Sambucus: A Global Medicine of Substance and Magic

Clare Sambucus NOTES

Beyond the Bottle: Botanicals as Partners in Practice

Clare Beyond the Bottle NOTES

Sussanna Czeranko

Herbs Used in Hydrotherapy


Catherine Hunziker

Confessions of a Radical Herbalist


Elise Krohn

Native Infusion: Diabetes Prevention Through Traditional Teas

Wild Rose: The Universal Medicine


Greta de la Montagne

Herbal First Aid

Healthy Grieving Guide to Death and Dying


Glen Nagel

Aromatics in the Garden



Sue Sierralupe

The House That Herbs Built: Creating Safe Space for People with Mental Illness

Grassroots Medicine: Gardens and Community Healthcare


Kevin Spelman

Organ Reserve and Trophorestorative Herbs



David Winston

Tick-Borne Diseases: An Update on Effective Treatment Including Botanical and Complementary Therapies

Analgesia, Effective Pain Management with Botanicals

The Worst Weeds Are Your Best Medicine


Eric Yarnell

Fresh vs. Dry Herbs: Is there a difference?

Yarnell: Fresh vs dry NOTES


Vanishing North American Materia Medica

Yarnell: Vanishing N. American Materia Medica NOTES