“The leaves Bruised do smell like Carrots.”

A 1633 copy of Gerard's Herball, part of the Chilton Collection at the NCNM Library.

By Dr. Orna Izakson Today I held a 400-year-old copy of Gerard’s Herball in my hands. (It’s actually only 380 years old, but who’s counting.) I got to lift it, touch its cover, open and turn its pages, read its words. The crisp

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Smithsonian Scholars Uncover the Mediterranean Origins of Western Medicine


PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct.10, 2013) — Smithsonian research scholars Alain Touwaide, PhD, and Emanuela Appetiti have spent the past two decades on a scientific quest that appears to be lifted straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. The treasures they seek

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Herb Pharm Colloborates with Renowned Holistic Practitioners


Herb Pharm recently entered into formal collaborations with a couple of renowned holistic practitioners – Aviva Romm, MD and Martha Libster, PhD. Drs. Libster and Romm are among a cadre of holistic health care specialists that Herb Pharm has partnered

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Celebrating Herbal Ed!

"Herbal Ed" Smith

Nearly 50 people came to the Min Zidell Healing Garden on Friday, June 28 to meet and celebrate “Herbal Ed” Smith, founder of Herb Pharm and a pioneer of the herbal renaissance. Smith told the celebrants that NCNM has a

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NCNM’s Traditional Roots Institute Celebrates World Environment Day

PORTLAND, Ore.(May 22, 2013) —Traditional Roots Institute, the new community-education initiative of the National College of Natural Medicine, will celebrate World Environment Day on Saturday, June 1 with an inaugural event, “Nature Health + Ecology,”to be held at the college.

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NCNM Launches Traditional Roots Institute

New Organization Will Focus on Community Herbal Education PORTLAND, Ore.(May 21, 2013) — National College of Natural Medicine today announced the launch of its newest community-education initiative, Traditional Roots Institute. The organization’s mission is to raise awareness and forge a

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A Tribute to Cascade Anderson Geller


We learned that on Saturday, May 4, cancer claimed the life of Cascade Anderson Geller, a deeply respected and much beloved member of our community and a leader in the field of herbal medicine. Natural medicine has lost a true

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Mullein: Verbascum thapsus

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

By Jim McDonald Mullein is an easily recognizable plant found throughout Michigan in fields, meadows, and anywhere the ground has been disturbed. It is a biennial, putting forth a rosette of fuzzy leaves upon the ground the first year, and

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New England Aster: Aster novae-angliae

Aster novae angliae

By Jim McDonald One sunny fall day, while walking through a field on out way into the Michigan Renaissance Festival, my wife and I stopped at the edge of a small pond. Standing there on a rotting dock, I was,

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Henna: Not just another pretty face


By Jim McDonald Some years ago now, on the Henna Tribe forum, a conversation about using henna for foot & nail fungus came up, which left me somewhat shocked at the confidence that some of the henna artists had in

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