Global Tea House Program

Lunch: 1 – 2 p.m.

Program: 2 – 4 p.m.

Dr. Orna Izakson

Opening of the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House  – Invitation to Take Tea 
Dr. Martha Libster

Giwii Ayaan ina niibish?: Would You Like Some (Ojibwe) Tea? 
Dr. Selene Phillips

When Ojibwe tribal member Selene Phillips thinks about her grandmother, she remembers how Mabel would welcome anyone who can to her door. The invitation was always followed with, “would you like some niibish (tea)?” Now that her grandmothers has walked on, she thinks about how much effort went into making tea without indoor plumbing or electricity and with little money. Despite chopping wood in frigid temperatures amid snow piled high enough to tower over most children, the process appeared seamless. Dr. Phillips discusses the translation of her research and knowledge of her native home and traditions into ways to better care for each other and ourselves, promote peace and remove cultural barriers.

Supporting Women’s Strength: Top Herbs in Clinical Practice
Dr. Orna Izakson

Naturopathic physician Dr. Orna Izakson reveals her top drawer of herbal remedies for supporting women’s strength, such as raspberry, ashwanganda, skullcap, yarrow and devil’s club.

Don’t Rock the Boat: Essences, Extracts, and Embrocations for Easing into Emotional Clarity 
Dr. Martha Libster

Women are often mindful of the emotional stress and discomfort that occurs as a result of changes in the health patterns of their bodies, their families’ bodies, and the body of earth. In traditional Chinese medicine, these common patterns are referred to as stagnation of fluid, blood, and Qi (energy flow). Herbal remedies such as flower essences, extracts, and embrocations are gentle but powerful catalysts for dispersing fluid, moving blood, and cracking qi. Dr. Libster opens her nurse-herbalist’s receipt book of healing recipes for easing into a new dimension of emotional clarity.

Qaacii’ yewyew (Thankful to/for You) –Our Native Plant Relatives
Ms. Judy BlueHorse Skelton

Our native plant relatives, our elders, offer transformational healing as we reconnect with the land, deepening our relationship to all life on earth. Through the ceremonies of seasonal cultural practices we celebrate, nourish and heal.

Choreosophy – Wisdom Circle 
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Closing and Gratitude