Herb Pharm Collaborates with Renowned Holistic Practitioners

Aviva Romm, MD
Martha Libster, MS, PhD

Herb Pharm recently entered into formal collaborations with a couple of renowned holistic practitioners – Aviva Romm, MD and Martha Libster, PhD.

Drs. Libster and Romm are among a cadre of holistic health care specialists that Herb Pharm has partnered with to aid the company in its mission of broadening the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs. The group’s representation of Herb Pharm will include lecturing at health care conferences, authoring herb related articles and educational materials, and providing clinical and scientific insights into new product development and research opportunities.

Traditional Roots is exploring the possibility of having them as part of our Speaker Series. Look for more to come!

Learn more about Drs. Libster and Romm and their work with Herb Pharm.

Martha Libster, ND

Aviva Romm, MD