Backyard Medicine: Eating Wild Spinach


Budget eating, with all the locavore/organic/foodie brownie points you care to collect. Do People Know About This? By Dr. Mahalia Freed One of the most common garden weeds is also known as Wild Spinach, and indeed, it is edible and delicious. With a deeper & more robust flavor than spinach, and without that squeaky teeth … Read More

Build Your Immune Power with Change of Season Soup


By Dr. Mahalia Freed This herbal formula is a great harmonizer, helping to balance the body and mind in times of stress, especially during the change of seasons. It enhances the immune system and increases the body’s own adaptive energies. Thus, it is also excellent for those involved in active sports. Traditionally, there is no … Read More

Nettle & Fiddlehead Happy Soup

Happy Soup

By Dr. Mahalia Freed Seriously, this is the happiest soup I’ve ever made or had the pleasure of consuming. There is no other way to describe it. Perhaps it is partially the virtuousness I feel, eating local, wildcrafted herbs & greens in season. Mostly, though, it is just a great, simple soup. Learn more about … Read More

Kitchen Sprouting: Local Greens, Year Round


By Dr. Mahalia Freed Committed to eating locally but also to eating green veggies daily? Not sure which value to prioritize from November to May? Not wanting to spend so much of your grocery budget on imported, tired greens? Sprouting is a beautiful way around these dilemmas, and is so satisfying. Kids will love to … Read More